Business Life In New York

New York is a large and very busy . New York City especially is a city in which people visitnew-york-city for a variety of reasons. Business life in New York can be broken down into several categories. For the most part business life in New York City can be quite profitable and very competitive.

New York city has many businesses. For example real estate is a competitive business within the Manhattan area. Real estate in Manhattan can be quite profitable for the agents selling the properties and it can be an exciting career.

Real estate agents in New York City probably spend a great deal of time listing and showing people available apartments as well as co-op apartments for both sale and rental. Real estate agents in New York earn good commissions when they sell an apartment unit. However, agents also receive substantial commission for rental properties also. A real estate agent that sells a Manhattan apartment within the Central Park area could easily earn up to a million dollars a year in commissions earned from the sale of luxury type apartments.

New York is home to some well known celebrities. Therefore, New York has talent agencies that can run a lucrative business. Talent agents earn commissions every time they place an actor or actress in a new role or modeling assignment. New York City is still full of talent agents and modeling agents always looking for new and fresh faces. The more established and well known agencies such as William Morris earn big money each year by the placement of famous actors and actresses. Therefore, it could be said that the entertainment business in New York is still booming.

Retail establishments in New York are quite popular and earn excellent money each and every year. Many retail establishments in New York City are considered high end and cater to the elite and wealthy of New York City. Some customers are willing to pay $1,000 for a pair of shoes at a higher end store. This is a good indication of what kind of money high end department stores bring in each year.

Saks Fifth Avenue and Bloomingdales are two very popular high end retail establishments in Manhattan. Customers are willing to spend large amounts of money to keep themselves well dressed. In addition to the high price of clothing, keep in mind customers are paying up to 7% sales tax on clothing and other items. Most retail items can be purchased on line and delivered directly to your door.

The restaurant business is another popular establishment on New York. Many restaurants in Manhattan cater to the elite or upper class. Therefore, it is realistic to pay over $300 for a steak dinner for two people at Manhattan’s finest restaurants. New York also has some moderately priced restaurants throughout the city. keep in mind, there is always Chinatown. Chinese food in New York can be a bit pricer than in other areas however Chinatown does have some excellent restaurants. It can be said that the restaurant business in New York can be a lucrative and rewarding business for those who run the establishments.

The transportation business in New York is another profitable business. People need to find their way around a busy ad crowded city. Therefore, subways, buses and especially taxi cabs are always being utilized. It is fairly easy to hail a cab in Manhattan any time of the day or night.

Basically, Business life in New York can help business owners and employees earn a nice living. Because Manhattan always catered to vacationers and businessmen, most people do not mind shelling out some big money when visiting New York for pleasure or business.

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